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PVC & Ploycarbonate Stickers

PVC & Polycarbonate Stickers are often used in various industries. It contains high mechanical strength and excellent optical clarity that make it a popular choice for almost all indoor and outdoor equipment and industrial nameplate applications. They offer dimensional soundness with protection from destructive synthetic compounds, stains, warmth and abrasion. Furthermore, it is lightweight and easy to die cut.

PVC & Polycarbonate Stickers design scan be made thicker and therefore have better impact resistance than polyester.

Stickers printed on PVC are much more durable than comparable paper stickers. PVC &Polycarbonate Stickers are waterproof, faded, and scratch resistant and can be used for years. The stickers can be cut to virtually any size or shape, giving you complete customization of your stickers.

Shreeniwas signs manufacture Polycarbonate stickers according to client’s need and design it accordingly. We have great varieties of adhesives as per specification.

Why PVC & Polycarbonate Stickers?

  • 01 Resistant to high impacts, heat, flames and chemicals.
  • 02 High-performance.
  • 03 Cost Effective.
  • 04 High durability.

General Applications

  • 01 Construction.
  • 02 Furniture making.
  • 03 Automotive.
  • 04 Sign manufacturing.

Why Shreeniwas Signs?

  • 01 We will make sure your stickers are well made and looks professional.
  • 02 We will also make sure all the information on stickers is accurate, and will deliver them on time.
  • 03 Well Experience Team.

If you’re interested about PVC &Polycarbonate Stickers Contact us today or Request a quote. Our team will assist you with any questions you may have.



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