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Brass Name Plates

Brass is often used for creating nameplates compared to other metals like stainless steel, aluminum and bronze. Brass nameplate appeared in golden like color making it very good choice for users in terms of decorative purposes.

The gold shade of this specific metal originates from copper, which is joined with zinc to make this specific amalgam. Brass Name Plates generally made with tin instead of zinc. Brass is a robust and workable metal that performs well in indoor and outdoor environments.

Brass Name Plates offering phenomenal protection from saltwater, consumption, stain, synthetic substances and solvents, just as outrageous temperatures.

Shreeniwas signs provide efficacy brass nameplates to its clients. We manufacture wide range of brass nameplates which are popularly known for its rich and unmatched look. Brass is processed in various chemical and the branded ink gives it a peculiar look.

We are manufactures of brass nameplates and we are one of supplier of brass nameplates for ship building companies, marine industries as brass has the ability to survive in salt water for longer duration.

General applications

  • 01 Luxury items and special machinery.
  • 02 Art galleries and Museums.
    • Why Choose Brass Nameplates?

      • 01 High durability and Visually appealing.
      • 02 Easy cleaning with common cleaning solutions.
      • 03 Resistant to salt water, corrosion of the solvents.
      • 04 Multiple selection of alloys and finishing options.
        • Why Shreeniwas Signs?

          • 01 We will make sure your name plates are well made.
          • 02 We will also make sure all the information on Nameplate is accurate, and will deliver them on time.
          • 03 Well Experience Team.
            • If you’re interested about Brass Nameplates Designs Contact us today or Request a quote. Our team will assist you with any questions you may have.



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